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Here are a few tips for more effective fly control around hog operations.

Use Fly Parasites

The majority of modern hog facilities remove manure from the barns by frequently flushing the pits. Some farms separate solids out of the slurry while others flush the intact slurry directly into the ponds. Certain phases of this operation are not suitable for treatment with Fly Parasites while there are others where Fly Parasites work well.

Let’s look at each stage of the manure handling:

  • The utilization of Fly Parasites in barn pits, that are regularly flushed, is normally not cost effective. This is because Fly Parasites migrate to the manure in search of fly pupae and are washed out with the manure. Remember that flies take about 2 weeks to develop from eggs to adult, so most of the developing flies are washed away and end up in the lagoons. In most farms this means that most of the flies are migrating back into the barns, probably from the ponds and compost piles.
  • Some farms have found that hanging the Fly Parasites in bags or placing in trays (out of reach of the animals) does have some control value as the Fly Parasites will target fly pupae in the manure above grates and along the walls of the pits.
  • Within the barns, it is highly recommended that fly baits, fly traps, fly strips or in some cases contact sprays be used to knock down adult flies. Aerosol or fog sprays should be avoided if using Fly Parasites.
  • Fly Parasites should be sprinkled around the edges of the lagoons, as flies will breed where the manure dries along the banks of the pond. As the adult flies hatch, they cannot breed in liquid so they will tend to look for more suitable manure in which to lay their eggs; this is probably in the barn pits.
  • Compost piles are another place where Fly Parasites are highly effective and will significantly reduce the overall fly population.

We strongly recommend using a method that targets adult flies as part of your fly control program.

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Our business has grown across Canada virtually by word of mouth and we welcome all inquiries. Our commitment to you is to create the BEST, MOST ECONOMICAL AND LONG-TERM BIOLOGICAL FLY CONTROL PROGRAM.

Fly Parasite Industries

The majority of flies in and around Canadian farms can be controlled using a Fly Parasites program. Below is a list of the most common industries that utilize Fly Parasite programs.