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I understand that you depend on Goodbugs to serve your needs regarding controlling the flies on your farm. I also understand that you may have concerns about any service impacts that may arrive as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To ensure the health and safety of me and my Goodbugs family, I want to ensure no disruption of service to you as customers. I am working closely with my suppliers and carriers to ensure that there will be a seamless stream of service from my doorstep to yours.

Safety, whether it be yours or my own, is taken very seriously here at Goodbugs. I will take every measure to make sure that every bag that leaves our facility is wiped and sanitized. This will hopefully stop the spread of this virus and giving us peace of mind.

Goodbugs is always open and I always welcome your comments, questions, and concerns. I appreciate your confidence and trust that we will continue to work together, whether you are a present customer or one who wishes to start using fly parasites.

Be safe.

Alan Miscavish

We strongly recommend using a method that targets adult flies as part of your fly control program.

Please contact us for a NO OBLIGATION discussion on a customized fly control program utilizing fly parasites (1-888-668-7264).

Recent Client Testimonials

We have been using fly predators every Summer for the past 7 or 8 years. I feel very fortunate to have found a reliable, cost effective local source of bugs. I can wholeheartedly recommend not only the bugs themselves as a very effective, environmentally friendly part of a fly prevention strategy, but also Good Bugs as a very reliable and friendly source of predators.

Amanda J Booth - DVM, MVetSc, Dip. ACVIM

Our neighbour was using fly parasites last year and raved about how they worked. We did notice fewer flies last year but thought it was just a natural occurrence. We decided to try the parasites this year and WOW. The flies at both of our barns are so low you hardly notice them - not like in previous years. We have been converted!

Alison Y. - Farmer